Sunday in Finestrat, Spain


We had such a lovely day today so I thought I’d share it on here with all of you!

Our day started with a nice lie in, we were not in a rush so getting up early was definitely out of the question. After eventually getting out of bed and getting ready we were picked up by Jack’s parents and drove out to Finestrat for a Menu Del Diá. I love me some yummy food so I was very excited.

We got there a little early so we decided to have a drink and snack at a local campsite and head to the bar after.

When we got to the bar Moli II we were very hungry so we didn’t hesitate with ordering our food.

First we had some entremeses (a little cheese and ham platter which I didn’t manage to take a picture of as it was gone within 2 minutes 😅)

For a starter we had a beautiful Paella. Just look at that! Jack’s parents know of hundreds of little bars which serve amazing traditional food and tapas.

For the main course I had a lovely Rosemary Roast Chicken and potatoes.

Since the bar run out of ice cream (how?!) I opted for a flan. Flan is a traditional dessert of sweetened egg with a caramel topping. Very light and sweet. (The other dessert is a yummy apple tart which Jack’s dad went for.)

After we finished our meal we decided to go on a walk up to the Finestrat church. On the way we saw 12 cats! I am not kidding, we counted! Most, very friendly and all very cute.😻

Here’s one of the resident cats very curiously observing a pet parrot. Never thought I’d see a parrot right outside someone’s house but here we are. We tried talking to it but it only squeaked at as very loudly to tell us to go away!

After reaching the church at the top of the hill we had a little stop to look at the views. It was perfect timing as this is my favourite kind of light to take pictures in!

I hope you enjoyed my little recap of our Sunday day out! Let me know what you’ve been up to today! 🙂

Dominika ♥️

February favourites – food, beauty, fashion and games

I say that every year but hasn’t February felt like it literally lasted 2 days?! I have to admit, I am happy it’s March now. The weather is getting warmer, I don’t have to wear so many layers any more, the birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. I know I shouldn’t be complaining about the weather since I live in Spain but it has been really cold here and I am glad I don’t have to wear a coat anymore!

But less about the weather and more about the things I’ve been loving last month :

• Chocolate sticks (who doesn’t like chocolate?) These chocolate covered sticks are so tasty, perfect after work snack.

• Lirene hand cream. Perfect for very dry hands! Good consistency and nice smell. However if you don’t like the feeling of your hands being sticky for quite some time I would avoid this hand cream.

• Lirene Micellar Face Cleanser – perfect for all skin types. Not sticky at all. It removes make up quickly and efficiently. A Polish brand which I did not expect to find in Spain!

• Ziaja BB Cream – I really really like this! It feels very light on the face, as it says it has a natural tone so you don’t have to worry about choosing the correct shade. Since its not a heavy duty BB cream it doesn’t cover everything up but it nicely evens out the skin tone.

• Ziaja goat’s milk milky face wash. I absolutely love the smell of this little bottle! It can be used with water as well as without and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean. Another lucky find which also happens to be another Polish brand.

• Spyro on PS4 – I am not usually very into video games as I am not very good at them but this one I really like. I never played the original so I have nothing to compare it to but I still find it very entertaining and fun to play. If only I didn’t run into walls all the time!

• Ellen’s Heads Up game. It is the most hilarious game I have ever played. You choose one of many categories and place the phone on your forehead as your partner either hums, mimes or describes what’s written on the phone and you have to guess it. This phone also records the person in front of it! As you can imagine this results in many hilarious clips after everybody is finished playing! A must have party game!

• Air Force 1 Sport – of course, I had to include some footwear 😉 I received these as a Valentine’s Day gift from Jack and I am still obsessed with them. Very comfortable, go with everything and they’re not too chunky! Don’t get me wrong I like the chunky trend but personally, I don’t think I can pull it off.

That’s it for my February favourites. Let me know what things you enjoyed the most last month. I need some recommendations 🦄

Dominika 🙂

2019 goals + watercolor art supplies

Better late than never right?

I finally got around to sitting down and writing out all my goals for this year and I thought I’d share them with you all!

1. Stop overthinking.

Yes, I am an overthinker. I get worked up over the smallest things and that’s just not good for me. This year I will try to let things go more and relax.

2. Paint more.

I really enjoy painting in my free time and I want to dedicate more time to it this year. I have already started and bought, as well as received some art supplies for Christmas from Jack.

Here’s a list of the supplies I am using atm:

– Winsor & Newton 24 godets Watercolor set

– Moleskine watercolor notebook

– POSCA white marker

– water pencils

– basic sketching pencils

– 2 colour pencils (blue & red)

– Van Gogh watercolor brush set (in a very handy packaging!)

3. Drink more water!

As simple as it sounds I ALWAYS forget to drink enough water. It is really important for me to drink more as I get kidney stones and I don’t want to end up in hospital for the third time!

4. Find a stable teaching job.

I work as a TEFL teacher and it has been very difficult to find a job with a good and long(ish) term contract. I am hoping this year will be the year where this happens!

5. Go on more walks with the family.

I am not really an outdoorsy person, I prefer to stay in and chill at home. My goal this year is to go on walks; long short, up the mountains, along the beach, any sort of walks. To try and burn off all those sweets and chocolate I am eating haha!

Thanks for reading! 🥰



Day out in Busot, Spain

Busot is a small village in the Province of Alicante. A beautiful little gem. It’s a genuine Spanish town with a few small shops and bars. It’s set about 5km inland meaning it is still close to the coast and other bigger towns like El Campello, Alicante and Bonalba.

I would never have known about it if it wasn’t for my boyfriend Jack and his parents who introduced it to me. They lived in Busot for a long time and Jack attended school there. They still visit it frequently, now along with me. 😁

We started our day out in Busot by going to our favourite local Bar Molina for a menu del dia which was gone within minutes as we were all very hungry. The first time I had food there was over 2 years ago when I visited Spain on holiday and before I knew I would be living and teaching here!

For my starter I had some paella of course. This traditional Spanish dish never disappoints. Chicken and chips for mains and ice cream (my number one choice) for dessert.

Then we took a short walk around the village to try and burn off some of the food we just consumed. We walked trough to the park and Pont La Bassa.

Pont la Bassa were communal wash-houses made to be used by the local farmers. Women gathered here to wash clothes and animals to quench their thirst.

To end our day in Busot we walked onto the viewpoint looking out onto the local mountain ranges, which we often go hiking in.

I love visiting little towns like Busot, they beautifully represent life and the atmosphere here in Spain. There is something about walking through a Spanish town with no tourists around and just appreciating it. The little streets and houses are adorable and very instagrammable 😉


What’s in my bag 2019




I thought today I’d share with you all what I carry in my bag when I go out to teach. I only teach a few hours a night therefore I don’t carry a massive amount of items with me, only the ones I consider essential. I mostly teach chidren but recently I started to teach adults and its much more fun than I expected!

The bag I use is the Fjällräven Kanken Mini. It’s very practical, and fits much more than you expect. I got it in black because I couldn’t decide on a colour and black seemed like the safest choice :D. The company has a very wide range of colours to choose from.

Here are my everyday essentials :

  • Notepad –  where I can quickly write down any lesson ideas, websites and games.
  • Kindle – it goes with me everywhere, I read all the time and it’s just easier to take my kindle with me rather than try and fit different chunky books into the bag. I used to be a “paper copy kind of girl” however since moving to Spain and leaving all my books behind (there was a lot of them, trust me!) I switched to a kindle which I received from my boyfriend for my birthday and I really enjoy it. Its convenient and light. I always read on the tram and when I have breaks between my classes.
  • Phone charger – in case my phone tries to die on me.
  • Hand Cream – my hands get really dry in the wintertime so this is a must! This is just a generic brand from the local supermarket.
  • Flat Keys – that’s one thing I always check I have with me before I leave. I’d hate to get locked out when everyone else is at work or away. It happened to me before and I definitely don’t want it to happen again!
  • Lipsol – to protect my lips from the cold.
  • A couple of pens  – there’s always one kid who doesn’t bring their pen to the class.
  • Tram card – its easier and cheaper to get one rather than having to pay for your ticket every time!
  • Earphones – if I am not reading on the tram then I am definitely listening to music.
  • Mini notepad – I use it to write down anything from passwords to blog post ideas.
  • Wallet – for storing my money and cards.
  • Stamps – kids LOVE stamps and they are a great reward for good work.
  • Chocolate bars – if I am feeling snackish.
  • A scrunchie
  • Sunglasses – you can’t leave your house without sunglasses in Spain, the sun is very bright, even in the winter.
  • Phone – not pictured as it was used to take the above photo 😉

What do you carry in your everyday bag? Is there anything really useful that I am missing?



One year later


Well, a year and 4 months to be exact. That is how long I’ve lived in Spain now. And I couldn’t be happier. I love it here, the climate, atmosphere and food, all so good. The winters here are cooler than I expected however I can’t really complain about a 13 Degree weather when back in Scotland its -2 Degrees. Living by the sea is incredible.

I have to admit, finding a job has been way more difficult that I thought, after a year of working random covering jobs for different schools I have managed to find the one. A 2 minute walk from my flat, professional and fun atmosphere, fun and adorable students, and most importantly a stablecontract. Or so I thought. Just as I thought I don’t have to worry about my job situation I have been informed that one of the schools I was working at is closing down and there’s no more hours left for me, a week before Christmas.

Resigned I returned home, and started looking all over the internet again. There wasn’t much available.. however, I applied to the few positions I found. A week later I got a phone call for an interview, went in the following day and got offered the job! Never in my dreams have I expected to find a new job so quickly! Fingers crossed my induction goes well on Monday!

I guess what what I want to say through this little anecdote is NEVER give up. Nothing in life comes easy, you just have to perservere to get what you really want.



Dominika ❤

6 Things that make Me happy.

Hi guys!

First of all, Happy New Year! I know, I am a bit late but a lot has been going on. Had so many job interviews and test shifts but unfortunately still no job 😦 Every school, nursery etc are currently full, and they’re only interviewing for the sake of interviewing which is a but ridiculous but theres nothing I can do about that..

But I won’t let that get me down so, today’s post will be about 6 things that make me happy!

  1. My boyfriend – He’s always there for me, ready to listen to anything I have to say and puts up with my mood swings. When I have a bad day, he will always find a way to make me laugh and smile. Thats why I love him!
  2. Sun – Sunny and warm weather boosts my mood instantly. Living in Spain is amazing, I’ve lived here for the past 4 months and it has only rained 4 times! Compare that to Scottish weather haha
  3. Books – I have always enjoyed reading and always will.
  4. Music – Who doesn’t like music?! Michael Jackson for the win. However, I also really enjoy finding new artists and discovering their albums.
  5. Family – I enjoy spending time with my parents and sister. Even just sitting and watching crappy reality tv together.
  6. My bed – Anyone who knows me well, will tell you I love to sleep. And I can sleep for a looong time! haha


P.S. enjoy this picture of a beautiful sunset and my crazy hair!


My favourite songs atm

A quick blog post today in which I thought I’d share a few of my favourite songs right now 😉

Sia – Ho Ho Ho

Charlie Puth – How Long

Marshmello – Silence ft. Khalid

Sia – Santa’s Coming For Us

Superfruit – GUY.EXE

Taylor Swift  – Call It What You Want

Sistar – Touch My Body (nothing like some Kpop right?! haha)

Tal Bachman – She’s So High

Jesse Spencer – Sheets Of Egyptian Cotton

Kygo – Stargazing ft. Justin Jesso

Coldplay – Christmas Lights

Jackson 5 – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

A right combination of songs as you can see! I never tend to stick to just one genre and I am a bit all over the place with what I listen to. That probably says a lot about my personality ha. Some Christmas songs, chart music, oldies, Kpop and of course Jackson 5! I hope I gave you some inspiration or at least got you into the Christmas spirit. It’s nearly December so it’s acceptable to listen to Christmas music right?!


A little update

Hi peeps!

Sorry for not posting for a while, I have been ill on and off for the last 2 weeks. Just as I thought I was getting better the flu came back with double the force. It feels awful being ill when its super sunny and 20C outside. As you can imagine, I have been spending my days in bed with a hot water bottle or a on a sofa feeling sorry for myself. I felt better a couple of days ago but I took a turn for the worse last night and hardly slept. We’re meant to be going up to the mountains to pet-sit 3 cats and a dog with Jack’s parents tomorrow and I really want to go! Hopefully at least one of those animals will be up for cuddles!

I have also applied to a couple of new places the other day, so fingers crossed they’ll get back to me soon!

That’s it from me today, I’ll leave you with a picture of me on a beach a couple of weeks ago when I still felt alive haha


Rihanna Fenty Slides – worth it?

A couple months back I decided to jump on the bandwagon of the Fenty Slides so I asked my boyfriend to get them for me as a birthday gift. And he did! 😍 I must’ve went through the whole #fentyslides on Instagram to make sure like them a 100%. I didn’t want to get them for them to then lay at the bottom of the wardrobe unused. The first time I ever saw a picture of them I honestly thought they were ugly. However the more pictures I saw of people wearing and styling them differently the more in love I fell in! I got them in the Cool Blue colour and I couldn’t be more happy.img_0385.jpg

I thought I’d dive you guys a little review of them since I’ve had them for a while now therefore I feel like a can give you my honest opinion.

*They’re not your typical slides, as you can see they stand out quite a bit. Especially this colour, but they come in many more shades if this one is not your cup of tea.

*They are really wide. I had to size down, and lucky I did otherwise I would have had to return them. I am a UK 4 and I got a UK 3 and they fit perfectly.

*They are so light! I assumed they would be really heavy like all the rubber slides out there but they weigh absolutely nothing! Also, you get a little cute black dustbag in which you can store them.

*Quite an obvious point, but they are fairly difficult to clean. They are covered in faux fur so you wouldn’t want to spill anything on them. Fortunately, I haven’t had to deep clean them (yet) but when I noticed a little mark on them I delicately wiped it with a wet wipe and it was all good!

*Really comfortable! They don’t really look it but they are!

*Finally, are they worth the price? They retail at £64.99 which I’d say is a lot for a pair of slides but that’s not suprising since Rihanna’s name is on them. I think they could do with being cheaper but overall they are worth it if you are looking for something comfortable and stylish!



Bye Bye! 🙂